the one under your foot (ghost_helwig) wrote,
the one under your foot

So... Still Sick

Just a quick update, since I'm here, to let everyone know that your friendly neighborhood Ghost is still sick. No diagnosis. They're "assuming" it's allergies causing the breathlessness I've been suffering from since last year. I take allergy shots now. So far, they haven't helped.

I took them as a kid, too. They didn't help then, either.

Also, I have no income because I've been out of work from my illness. But if I don't have income, I think they'll take away my medical, so I won't be able to afford to be sick anymore.

Life... sometimes, I sort of hate you.

That said... Everyone buy the new Placebo album. It rocks. :D Though... I love The Higher's new album, too...

Hope everyone is doing well...!

Tags: placebo, sick, the higher

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