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Vic. Mignogna. Is. GOD.




*points upwards* That about sums up my feelings on the anime convention right there.

Both the smiley, & the pic, I mean.

Vic Mognogna, voice behind Ed Elric on Fullmetal Alchemist, Kougaiji on Saiyuki (the first series), Dark on D. N. Angel, and countless others besides, is the man in the pic - and the person who made the convention for me. I went there, every day, to see him.

Well, & to shop, but no surprise there, eh? ^_~

See, okay. First day: we wait in a horrible line that's so long we end up back outside the hotel, on the open-air balcony, getting rained on. Takes an hour and a half to get out of the line, mostly because the people running the con are so disorganized.

But then, oh then. We get done just in time to join the (thankfully much shorter) line for autographs from everyone at the convention. Which is where I got the above picture taken on D's cellphone camera. *points upwards again* And also where I had him sign my extra copy of the FMA anime Vol. 1. And where the other people at the convention comment on Hisoka's cuteness and tease me about him. A wonderful memory, that autograph session. >_<

We have to wait for the shop to open, & we catch some anime while we're waiting. I rather enjoyed that, too, even if by then I was developing something of a headache.

Then, we shop in the dealers room (finally!), after having waited in another line to get in; they're only letting people in in small groups. Thankfully, this line thing won't happen to us again for the rest of the convention... (Well, it happens to me once).

In the dealers room, I buy a bunch of doujin (and discover that I really do have no 'flirt' reactor, because the guy I buy them from is flirting with me in order to sell more, but because he's doing it to sell and I know that, I don't 'recognize' it as flirting until someone tells me later that that's what it was. *insert eye roll here* Jeez, I'm dim sometimes), some small merchandise from Loveless and Fruits Basket... Most of my money is blown this first day, but I will buy stuff every day of the convention.

So, second day. Mom goes with me again, cuz D's had enough for now. We just go to shop, really, & listen to Vic Mignogna talk.

Which is so, so much better than it sounds.

We shop (I buy... more Loveless, Fruits Basket, a Saiyuki poster), we catch the end of the anime music video contest (including a frickin' hilarious vid about fish heads... if I ever find it online, I'm downloading it, & linking it to all of you >_<), and then... Vic.

He's so... nice. And funny. And he made the whole thing seem warm and intimate, like a family sitting around and talking, even though there were bunches of people there. Neither Mom nor I wanted it over - and it ended before he'd been there the promised hour (I think it was only forty minutes), because the amv contest ran over.

So, he tells us he'll be back at one tomorrow, & asks all of us if we'll show up then; he'll talk for at least two hours then. Mom had been asking me when I wanted to come tomorrow, & I tell her as soon as he says one o'clock "Well, I know when we're coming now."

And we do. This time it's D & I, though. And again, we shop first, and I buy a Goku ring. This pleases me to no end. I believe I also buy other things that day, some more small Loveless and possibly Fruits Basket things, but Goku - this is my favorite thing that I bought at the convention.

We see Vic Mignogna signing autographs outside the dealers room before we go to shop, but even though I've brought a Saiyuki manga for him to sign, I lose my nerve. I will regain it later, though, I promise.

We catch the end of the industry panel (I think the people were from ADV Films, so I wanted to ask them why they let Saiyuki get stolen away by Geneon and whether they were going to license the upcoming ova, but as I had no idea if that's really where they were from or not, let alone whether or not any of that had already been asked, I said nothing), and move forward to better seats when we see that other people, some obviously Fullmetal fans, are starting to file in early, too. And then, finally, the industry people leave, and Vic is there again.

And I spend two hours blissfully happy.

I swear, the man really is hilarious. And he treated everything and everyone with respect, totally allowed all of us to indulge in our geekery with him - it was wonderful. He promised to come back next year if they'd have him, & I hope he does, because the convention would have just sucked without him there.

At one point, near the end of the panel, I actually lost my head, raised my hand, and asked him a question. I stumbled a little at first (because by God, my brain was going - 'huzzah? Why are you speaking? Wait - you raised your hand??? WTF1111!1!1BBQ1!!1!1?????'), but he was so sweet about it, and he actually looked at me when answering my question - which I appreciated, even if it made my brain break even further. ^_^

Oh, & afterwards he signed autographs, which is when I waited in line solo. Also sooo worth it, because not only was I pretty early in the line, but I actually talked to him. Told him that FMA makes me cry, and that we'd only seen so much of it so far (he told me we needed to see the end, and oh my God, do I agree), but we loved it. Had him sign the Saiyuki manga and the convention booklet they gave us that I had everyone else sign on the first day. He turned the Saiyuki manga over in his hands, to look where to sign, I think, and meanwhile my brain was stuck on babbling about FMA, which is just how I am, I guess. He was so, so nice, when we talked, that I know I must've had an absolutely stupid smile on my face when I walked away.

Also? If he does come back next year, I'm going to bring one of my Saiyuki artbooks with me, because it contains my absolute favorite picture of Kougaiji, which I would love to have him sign. I was gonna bring it this year, but I wasn't sure, after the first day, if we'd be able to get signatures again... Now that I have more of an idea what it's like at a con, I know better - and hopefully next time, I'll be even braver. >_<

Though actually, for me, I think I did pretty d*mn good. ^_~

*le sigh*

So, that's how I spent Apr. 14th through the 16th. How about all of you? ^_~

*floats off into dreamland*