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EEnE - Edd/Eddy: You Know

Halloween would not be complete without a death threat or two

Lordy. I received my very first death threat today, just in time for Halloween. Luuucky!

The review, from my email, in its entirety:


The following review has been submitted to: I Hate You Chapter: 1

From: H.B.B. Sam ( http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1396418/ )
Reply URL:

You stupid motherfucking asshoole, Eddy isn't a fag, now never write about
these queer poems again or I'll slit your throat.


*pauses* Yeeeeeah.

I want to report him to ff.n, just because I think threatening is WRONG, but I'm not sure it'll matter. I'm also not sure I want attention drawn to my account, since I still have song lyrics in Swallow The Moon and I don't want it removed. But d*mmit, I despise people who have to prove their 'might' by threatening people with violence. It's stupid, it's disgusting, and it really, REALLY irritates me when a man/boy (I'm assuming) shows off his supposed 'manliness' by threatening someone he obviously assumes to be less strong than he is.

I also want to reply to him. I haven't yet, as I do not desire a flame war, but here's the reply I've written and not sent:


You do not scare me. You do not intimidate me. Now I labeled the story as SLASH; if you can't read, THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM.

Do save us both time and effort, and leave me alone. You're wasting your time threatening me; I honestly could not care one bit what you think, nor do I believe you could come through my computer screen and attack me. Sorry, but I graduated elementary school, so I know that just isn't possible.

Also, I never said Eddy was a *fag*; I said he was *GAY*. Which is perfectly natural, whatever your hate-mongering mind may have told you.

Have a really great day, Sam. You've certainly made mine a whole lot happier.



Sooo... too snotty? Or just snotty enough? ^_^

And yes, normally I would be nicer, but I'm sick, and I don't mean from the flame. Sinus infection. Plus, I'm tired of receiving the same freakin' flames all the time. Live and let live, people, please, it's not that hard a concept. *sigh*

...That's another reason I'm not doing anything about this yet. Things will be a lot clearer - and I'll have calmed down a lot - when it's not 1:30 in the morning. *lol*

And on that note:


Love to you all, on this very fine All Hallows Eve. ^_^