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Dakota - Sunlight

Fathers SUCK.

Sooo... yeah. I'm going to avoid talking about what I don't want to talk about for now, because I'm an avoider that way.


For those (few) of you who know what I'm talking about, I must ask - what the hell is going on at GAFF lately? If he-who-I-will-not-name is trolling, & he is, why are people responding? And what did the-(I-think-)girl-he-is-obviously-picking-on do, anyway? Or was she just random, cuz he's, y'know, trolling?

I am so confused.

And staying well out of it, because wank for wank's sake is just imbecilic. (Is that a word?)


Here's a quiz I stole, I believe from diva_urd

After you die...
Guardian Angel

After death, you will exist as a guardian angel in order to protect your still-living loved ones. You might even inspire a classic Christmas movie.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

...I'd laugh, only... O_O

...I wasn't trying to be Ghost-nice when I took it, just me-nice, but... Huh.



*takes a deep breath*



And typing that way is hard. Bah. :(


I have nothing more to say, now.
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