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Ghosts for the Ghost

Your friendly neighborhood Ghost (i.e. me) now has her own ghost. Fun times, truly. *sigh*

Here's the thing. I've been in a haunted house before. Grew up in one. But I've never experienced anything like what I've experienced lately.

Allow me to elaborate, briefly.

A few nights ago, I woke up repeatedly to something holding me down. I literally couldn't move. Eyes open, I was very awake, but also very paralyzed.

And the second time that happened, I saw a dark figure on me, and it leaned close to me... There were cold shivers going up and down my spine; my back was so cold. And I heard a deep, raspy voice asking, "Do you feel this?"

Yeah. :(

I know I was awake. I was staring straight up at my ceiling, and when it was finally gone & I could move again I made myself take note of how awake I was, so in the morning I would remember.

And there's been other freaky stuff, too. A light near my sister's bedroom floor that we both saw, a bright light that could not be explained by any of the usual light sources in that area. Especially since it disappeared rather abruptly.

And another night, before the even stranger experience I mentioned earlier, I woke up to see a large black shadow going up and down the ceiling above my bed, back and forth... I stay up late all the time, so I'm familiar with all the shadows in that room. This was... unnatural. It moved across the ceiling, and there's no way it could've been a car - no car's lights move like that, gliding up and down... I stared for a while, closed my eyes, and it was still there. Another brief close, and it's gone.

And that very night, before I went to sleep, the cabinet above our kitchen sink that sometimes comes open on its own due to wind flew open - with no wind to force it. After a full minute of me telling myself to calm down (because freaky stuff had already been happening in the house by then), two plastic containers fell out of the cabinet and straight onto the floor, somehow being blown so far that neither of them hit the sink on the way down, but instead landed near the table a couple of feet away. Again - without any wind to blow the paper that hangs nearby or stir the trees outside the window.

We've placed Hawaiian salt in the corners (a local remedy) and just recently used holy water. Nothing's happened since then, but it's only been a couple of days, so we'll see. We've had K's friend who's kind of an expert in these things come by, and he says it's not evil or all that strong, but it's creeping me out all the same. K's other friend is the one who got us the holy water, which we had for a week and only used after I woke up being held down that one night.

Did I mention this stuff mostly happens to me? Yeah. K's expert friend says the entity is probably 'attracted' to us/me/whatever. Which wouldn't surprise me, since I've had paranormal experiences my whole life, & it's probably embedded in my aura by now.

That's me, folks. Completely uninteresting to live people, but irresistible to the dead. :D

Yeah. So. How have your past few weeks been? *lol*
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